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Reliable Commercial Roofing Contractors near Tampa, Florida

Whether your project is new construction or a reroof, we have the knowledge and workmanship to provide you with a safe, long lasting system. We take great concern of performing a reroof while your building is occupied with workers or tenants. The reroofing process normally entails tearing of the old roof which causes dust and debris. We do our best to keep this to a minimum when at all possible. Debris is removed from the project or contained on a daily basis. On existing, operational buildings, Allied will also provide you with a roof system that not only serves the purpose but provides the least amount of discomfort to your tenants. We use state-of-the-art roofing materials and are capable of providing you with appropriate long-term manufacturer’s warranties on your completed project.

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Sheet Metal

Our experienced team fabricates architectural sheet metals to best fit your business needs

Commercial roof systems incorporate various sheet metal flashings. Sheet metal components play an important part in waterproofing your roof system, but it also enhances the aesthetic properties of your roof. Our talented, experienced technicians are artists at their work. They are capable of measuring the most intricate copings, scuppers, downspouts, etc., and will take this information back to the shop to fabricate the items out of your color choice of metal. Once completed, the sheet metal is then installed on your building completing your quality roof assembly.

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From leak investigations to tear offs and section repairs, our team has you covered

A roof leak can cause damages and high costs to your commercial business. When your roof leaks, you need an experienced, trustworthy company to fix the problem quickly and competently – especially in Florida, where inclement weather is common and unavoidable. Whatever type of commercial roof your business has, Allied Roofing is ready to repair it. Rest assured that when an Allied Roofing, Inc. repair crew is sent to repair your roof, you will have the most dedicated and skilled team on the job.

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