Safety is Paramount

Is your roof safe for a subcontractor to work on your roof top equipment? Are you, the owner, responsible if they fall or drop something off the roof? Most condominiums are concerned about these issues, but commercial buildings need to be as well. Safety is always a factor on your building and should be taken seriously. Are your roof hatches, perimeters, skylights protected by guard rails? Falls count for more injuries and deaths each year than anything else in construction. Permanent safety equipment can and should be installed as warranted.

Safety - A Key Word When Choosing A Professional Contractor

At Allied Roofing we know that it takes a high level of commitment to make safety a priority at all levels of our company. We have written a safety program with detailed policies. These policies guide all of Allied Roofing’s employees with a safety strategy including training and injury prevention, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, (OSHA), regulating and continual site inspections.

Employees at Allied Roofing are required to go through a safety and health training program that consists of the following:

  • Safety Objectives
  • Safety & Health Responsibilities
  • Safety Data Sheets for Products Being Used
  • Job Specified Work Rules
  • Hazards Associated with Roofing Work
  • Hazard Communication Training
  • Fall Protection
  • Kettle and Other Equipment Use
  • Accident/Incident Reporting
  • Office Safety
  • First Aid
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

The Safety Training at Allied does not stop at orientation. We continually train in safety rules, fire extinguisher use, emergency plans, ladder safety, eye protection, back/lifting safety, housekeeping, etc. Courses are provided in First Aid and CPR, use and care of personnel fall arrest equipment, driver training, crane signaling, and hazardous material handling. Mandatory safety training is conducted regularly for fall restraint anchoring systems which are required by OSHA on buildings three stories and greater. Allied analyzes every project for job specific requirements before completing the bidding process.

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